The Beautiful Fruit of Clinging to Him – Part Two

The Beautiful Fruit of Clinging to Him – Part Two Maggie Kimball

In last month’s article, I shared not only about the negative fruit which comes about from making poor decisions, resulting in brokenheartedness, bitterness, jealousy and feelings of abandonment, rejection and loneliness, but also  what happens when we fully surrender to Yeshua. In everything, in coming out of my brokenness and pain, I had to  CLING…
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The Beautiful Fruit of Clinging to Him Maggie Kimball

I am writing this on my 50th birthday. There was a time when I was only half that old. I invite you to think back with me as I reflect … I am 24 years old and my not-so-well-thought-out decisions have put 1 me in a desperate situation. I’m a new single parent, but also…
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A Conspiracy Theory? Nah! Rabbi Michael Weiner

Why don’t the rabbis believe Yeshua of Nazareth is the promised Messiah of God? After all, most scholars agree that there are more than 300 prophesies in the Hebrew Scriptures that Yeshua fulfilled. Two categories of reasons come to mind. First, they believe much false teaching about the Messiah. For instance, that His coming will…
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