The Revelation of God and the Miraculous

The Revelation of God and the Miraculous Daniel Juster

The older I get the clearer it becomes that the primary revelation of God is through the miraculous. It is not speculation  about the nature of the universe, time and eternity, first causes or other philosophical approaches. There are some such  verses in the Bible. Romans says that creation reveals God’s power and divine majesty, (Romans 1, Psalm 19). However,  the idea may be that the perception of the universe itself and our existence in it is perceived as miraculous. I do not  discount the classic apologetic arguments, but they pale in comparison to the miraculous. I say this as a teacher of apologetics for 50 years and a writer of an apologetics textbook.

The Hebrew Bible

In the Bible, God is known by doing great miracles and then by the prophetic word which interprets the miraculous.

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