Where is your Heart?

Where is your Heart? Eitan Shishkoff

Where is Your Heart?

Our nation is in shock, in collective grief. Our true friends around the world are weeping with us, praying with us, and donating together with us, responding to the massive crisis brought on by the eruption of pure evil on October 7th.

Our bold, righteous military response is essential. Human and material resources are being poured into care for survivors  of the indescribable horror of that black day and those returning from captivity. Troops wounded during pitched, vicious  urban warfare require urgent treatment, and some 150,000 Israelis who have been forced from their homes must be provided for.

How are we to Respond on the Inside?

While each of these immediate crises are first in the triage of rampant human need, there is another, subterranean level of  our situation that cannot be ignored. It is the condition and the need of our heart. How are we to respond—on the  inside,to the stark evil that took place on that black Shabbat (ironically Simchat Torah–in nightmarish parallel to the  multi-nation surprise attack that shocked all Israel on Yom Kippur exactly 50 years earlier). How can we find the inner  fortitude required by this existential crisis—an excruciating crisis thrust upon the Jewish people and all who worship the God of Israel?

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