Time for Recalibration

Time for Recalibration David Westra

I was reminded, recently, of the importance that an accurate compass reading can make. A ship sailing from Los Angeles, California to Sydney, Australia whose compass is off by only one degree, will only be off by a matter of 90 some feet after a  mile of travel. Hardly noticeable. Yet by the end of its voyage that same ship will miss its destination by over 130 miles. It  won’t end up remotely close to its destination, and its journey will be a failure. Clearly, re-calibrating for where we are  aiming is of critical importance.

If we didn’t naturally drift from our ideals and aspirations, there would be no need for new year’s resolutions or any other  ind of re-commitments we might desire to make. But the sad yet simple truth is that we’ve all had experiences of waking  up one day and realizing that, in some way, shape, or form, our growth in Yeshua (Jesus) has stagnated.

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