Watchful Rachel Moore

By the grace of God, I somehow made it out of 2020 without contracting COVID-19, but all that changed in July of 2021. I had just started working at a missions organization called Go To Nations, and it seemed to spread like wildfire throughout the staff. Next thing I knew, I was severely sick and confined to my room for 15 days. Sadly, that wasn’t the worst of it. I started receiving emails about one of our missionaries, my boss’s wife, being in critical care for COVID-Pneumonia. Though I hadn’t known them long, I felt such a strong connection to this family and could see that their  impact had indeed reached multitudes in the nations.

I went from helping my boss plan for their upcoming missions trips to kneeling in the throne-room, crying out to God for her healing. “Please Lord, don’t take Michelle. They have 4 children. We still need her here.” When she went home to  be with the Lord in the beginning of August, it was such a huge blow for all of us. Those who knew her well and those who didn’t grieved with such raw intensity. I had never contended for something so hard in my life. And it was in the midst of  all this that I began to hear the Lord whisper to me: “I am the One who neither slumbers nor sleeps.”

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