What Kind of People are You to be? (Pt 2)

What Kind of People are You to be? (Pt 2) Benjamin Juster

Last month, I opened this short series on “What Kind of People You Are to Be?”. It is crucial to understand the times that we are living in and to regain a sense of urgency in preparation for Yeshua’s return. Part I listed several key indicators that  we have entered the final stages of human history before Yeshua’s Kingdom comes in fullness.  You should review the first part of the article to prepare you for this segment.

Many prophets and prognosticators have busied themselves with estimating when the tribulation will begin. But I’ve got news for you, the tribulation is already here within many parts of the world. Yes, it is not yet THE tribulation of the book of Revelation.

But consider this: more believers in Yeshua have been martyred for their faith in the past 100 years than the previous 1,900 years—COMBINED!

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