Woe, Lo, Go

Woe, Lo, Go Patty Juster

Why are we here?

God’s ultimate purpose for us living in these physical bodies on planet earth is to become love. In becoming love, we  represent the fullness of the Messiah as we relate to others and show His glory to a fallen world. The governing purpose  of God is about His Son and securing a bride for Him that has His constitution (that bears his image).

Unless we grasp this foundational truth, there will be frustration and defeat within the Body. God longs for a people, not  just an individual, whose hearts burn alongside God in the desire to have a people who can share in the administration of  His eternal Kingdom and govern with the same heart. We are God’s instruments in this overarching purpose and we are co-laborers together with Him to bring about His glory filling the earth.

Read the full article here: June ’23 Issue 22