Persevering in Prayer

Persevering in Prayer Jo Miller

In these uncertain times in which we live, it is very easy for life’s circumstances to become overwhelming and rob us of our peace. With so many things to distract us, it’s easy to lose focus of the One who brings us life and the peace we so desperately need. What and to whom do…
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Processing the Prophetic Jo Miller

A Journey He Desires to Take with Us The prophetic can be somewhat of a mystery to many believers and there has been much misunderstanding, abuse, and wrong teaching about the prophetic over the years. But now many believers in the Body of Messiah are crying out for God to pour out His Spirit and…
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Raising Children in Today’s Culture Jo Miller

God has a special call on the children now, and He is working through them as never before. The Lord said to me recently, “Let the children come to me. It’s time for my Spirit to light the fire in the children in greater measure. They stand as beacons before my throne. I shine through…
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