Chazak V’Ematz – Strengthened to Finish Strong

Chazak V’Ematz – Strengthened to Finish Strong Paul Wilbur

You have undoubtedly heard it before … Chazak v’ematz … ’Be strong and of good courage!’ The now famous phrase for the commissioning of Joshua as the new leader of Israel after Moses’ forced retirement. These inspiring verses have  been a watchword for many of us as we have pioneered this Messianic movement for some…
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No Declarations without Demonstration Paul Wilbur

There I was, minding my own business, when I heard that still small voice in my ear. Actually, I was either speaking or singing at the time, but I am not quite certain any longer which verbal action I was engaged in at the time. But I certainly do recall with great clarity what that…
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Pesach and a Year of Recovery and Restoration Paul Wilbur

The year 2022, or 5782 if you prefer (just don’t note that at the top of your checkbook!) is proving to be a year of recovery and restoration, I believe. We also have the opportunity this year, as we did in 2018, to enjoy the overlap of the Gregorian and Rabbinic calendars for Passover and…
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