Chazak V’Ematz – Strengthened to Finish Strong

Chazak V’Ematz – Strengthened to Finish Strong Paul Wilbur

You have undoubtedly heard it before … Chazak v’ematz … ’Be strong and of good courage!’ The now famous phrase for the commissioning of Joshua as the new leader of Israel after Moses’ forced retirement. These inspiring verses have  been a watchword for many of us as we have pioneered this Messianic movement for some five decades or so.

These words of encouragement continue to live on in my heart, and the older I get, they are also connected to another  desire of mine … To Finish Strong!

You have probably heard these words as well, and that word STRONG is very popular as a t-shirt logo for people who  have survived very difficult situations. For instance, examples of this there is “Sandy Hook Strong,” and “Boston Strong,”  and any host of other “Strong’s” which might be used. Even a Bible concordance takes on this name, Strong’s! Alright,  you get the idea. It’s a great concept, and a sure winner as a battle cry to rally the hearts of men for dangerous  assignments, but how do we see this working for us practically?

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