For Everything there is a Season

For Everything there is a Season Stewart Lieberman

What an incredibly fast-paced year 2023 has been! Both personally and in ministry this has been a year  of transition, re-alignment, breakthrough, and war. As I write this, Israel has been in an existential conflict with Hamas and  other terrorist groups that was launched on October 7th, being marked by the brutal and evil attack…
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Communion and the Flames of End-Times Revival! Stewart Lieberman

Recently, our Congregation celebrated our seventh anniversary. For myself as a congregational leader, and for us as a community, these times are valuable and worthy of celebration, to evaluate and reflect on our foundational vision and to honestly make sure we are doing what Father has asked us to do! It shouldn’t have to be…
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Standing In the Midst of Shaking Stewart Lieberman

Up until recently, in my almost 70 years, I always thought nothing could top the tumultuous year 1968– my freshman year of high school. Vietnam, assassinations, cities burning, “Prague Spring,” presidencies toppled, revolutions everywhere, and so much more! The comparisons have been made many times between the last 2 1/2 years and that  fateful year:…
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