Is There Compensation for Suffering?

Is There Compensation for Suffering? Patricia Juster

There is much debate about why God has allowed such evil to exist. Many great thinkers have sought to search out the answer to the problem of pain and suffering. I have found no significant satisfaction to this issue apart from believing in a good and loving God who is ultimately sovereign over all that happens here. All other words leave me in despair.

In this life it is difficult to see the real answer.

If this life is all that we have then we are, indeed, to be most pitied. On this side of eternity, there is no balm that can completely heal the broken hearted…the scars always remain. Is there real justice for the one who has been raped or the parent whose child was murdered or killed by a┬á drunk driver? How about the injustice of so many children dying in poverty around the world … are there any words of comfort?

What do you say to a parent whose child has committed suicide or has run away from home? How about the people who lost homes and everything they owned in natural disasters of flood and fire … is there some hope offered to them of a better future? And then there are all the issues raised by such unspeakable horrors as the Holocaust and other stories of ethnic cleansing. Can any of us give a satisfying answer without taking into account eternity?

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