Israel at War

Israel at War Jackie Santoro

Day 46 of the War… and it’s been a very stormy and rainy few days. Usually, rain is a welcome event and marks the end of the long, hot, dry summer season. When rain is expected the next morning, the weather forecaster says that “winter is coming tomorrow”. And everyone is happy. Yet today, it is a mixed feeling. We are happy for the rain on the dry soil, but it means our soldiers have yet one more thing to deal with as they are in battle outside around the clock.

When I think back to that first “Black Sabbath” when Hell invaded Israel and all that has happened since, there is an avalanche of emotions and thoughts. War in Israel is a unique experience and as devastating and sometimes scary as it is, it is an honor and a privilege to be here and to stand with our people and to mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice. We have great responsibility in the spirit, not to pick up a machine gun but to wage war with the weapons that are not carnal, but mighty through God to demolish strongholds. God is leading the battle and we are his faithful army. We pray in faith and know that the victory is ours.

Since the beginning, I have felt an unction to listen to the Hebrew news as much as I can and to try to absorb all that is happening. I listen intently, not only to know what is going on each day, but to endeavor to deeply understand the heart of this nation that is called by God to be His.

Who are these people that God chose for his purposes? Because of this calling to bring forth the Messiah and to be a light to the nations, the Jewish people have suffered beyond their ability to endure, and yet have never given up. On the ashes of the greatest evil the world had ever experienced to that date, they built a country that is a miracle in every way and yet is hated by so many and whose destruction is the goal of its enemies. Israel goes to war against evil and waves of antisemitism erupt all over the world.

Who are these people who rally in the face of evil and though they are tired, shocked, overwhelmed and grieving, unite together to support and hold up their sons and daughters in battle, who stand behind a government that has profoundly failed them in order to press forward and exterminate the enemy. There are innumerable heroes in this battle and each one has one thing in mind – to preserve this Land and destroy evil. And they know that they are doing this not just for themselves but for all those in the world who love life.

The army is doing an incredible and masterful job. The IDF is a shining example of humanity in the face of darkness. They are destroying Hamas in every place it is hiding – including schools and hospitals and yet they are doing all they can to preserve life wherever they go. And amazingly enough, there is no expression of hatred when they speak – except the righteous hatred towards satanic Hamas. There is no doubt that the oppressed Gazan people are experiencing a different spirit when they encounter an Israeli soldier.

As believers, we stand in faith that we will yet see great and wonderful things. God is on the lips of most people. When survivors of the massacre are asked what did they do in those horrifying moments when they looked death in the eyes, almost all answered that all they could do was pray. One young soldier was shot 12 times and lived. When asked how she survived, she said “God was in the room with me“. There are countless testimonies like this and we will soon see the fruit from a nation who turns to the God of Israel in their dark moments.

In the days following the massacre on October 7, the news broadcasters would interview family members of those who were killed by the terrorists who invaded their homes. Many were trapped in their “safe rooms” for hours and would be in constant communication with others by texts. The last words of almost every person was, “I love you”, or they would ask the recipient of the text to tell someone else that they loved them. Those words were the essence of all that they wanted to transmit. When everything in this life is gone, the only thing that matters is the assurance that someone knows that you love them. When Eddie was breathing his last breaths, the only thing I could say was “I love you“. The last words he ever spoke was to my son. “I love you“, he said to Evan. Love is the beginning and the end. When all is said and done, only love remains. Love is what we take into eternity. And Love is who we meet on the other side.

An officer was interviewed and asked if he and his soldiers were getting tired after so many days on the battlefield without a break. He said that morale was very, very high among all the troops and the love that they continually receive from the public who support them and supplies whatever they need that keeps them going. Love brings the victory.

Please continue to fight the good fight of faith with us. God is a strong tower and the righteous run to it and find safety (Proverbs 18:10). May this war succeed in destroying the Hamas spirit and may we see light and love fill this nation and all those nations surrounding us.

Pray especially for the return of all the hostages. The nation’s heart is ripped and bleeding and each day without word is unbearable trauma for the families who await news of their children, parents, family members and soldiers who are being held in the vicious hands of Hamas.

At the time of this writing, the government is about to approve a hostage release plan for 50 hostages – children, women and elderly. It is a plan that is fraught with complexity and traps but the government has no real choice but to bring the children home. Only supernatural wisdom and power can solve this dilemma and bring ALL the hostages home while we continue to destroy the works of the enemy.

I also want to wish a “Happy Thanksgiving” to all our American friends and family. We really have much to be grateful for on this day. God is with us and He is the God of Israel who never slumbers nor sleeps. He is faithful and true and His banner over us is LOVE.

With love from Zion,