The Rains have Come!

The Rains have Come! Jackie Santoro

A very Happy and Blessed New Year to you! In Israel we get to wish everyone a “Happy New Year” two times each year. The first is on the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana) and then again on January 1- the “civil” New Year as we call it. When we first moved here, there was…
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Seven Ways Messianic Jews Fulfill their Irrevocable Calling – part 1 Ron Cantor

Most believers have no issue with the idea that the Jewish people were the chosen people of God in the Old Covenant  Scriptures. But what about today? What about the Jewish people who have embraced Yeshua? Are they part of what  Paul calls the “irrevocable call” in Romans 11:29? And, if so, what does that…
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Happy New Year Jackie Santoro

The summer season is over and the kids are back in school. Happily, the familiar rhythm of life has once again returned following the two-year pandemic hiatus. Now it’s hard for the younger ones to remember that there was a moment in time when they actually had to wear masks in school! Here in Israel,…
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