The Rains Have Come!

The Rains Have Come! Jackie Santoro

The rains have come and at least in the beginning, everyone is very happy! The refreshing cool in the air is welcome and people enjoy putting on coats and sweaters after a long hot and dry summer. The holiday season is over and life moves forward in its daily routine until Chanukah which is just…
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Happy New Year Jackie Santoro

The summer season is over and the kids are back in school. Happily, the familiar rhythm of life has once again returned following the two-year pandemic hiatus. Now it’s hard for the younger ones to remember that there was a moment in time when they actually had to wear masks in school! Here in Israel,…
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New Season Jackie Santoro

Summer is here again! The kids are once more finishing school and getting ready for the “Big Vacation” as it is called. My granddaughter, Lia, graduated from high school (Didn’t we just pick her up from first grade last week?) and she is looking forward to entering the army towards the end of August. High…
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