Israel at War

Israel at War Jackie Santoro

Israel is now at war. The nation is in shock, anger, mourning and, most of all, total unbelief. How could Hamas pull off a highly organized terror attack in Southern Israel and succeed beyond their wildest fantasies against one of the most powerful armies in the world? How could they break through the border fence in many places – one of the most guarded borders of any nation and occupy 21 villages, settlements and kibbutzim and wander freely, attacking people for many hours before any military contingents arrived? How did they travel 30 kilometers on Israeli roads without interference until they arrived at a village which they terrorized for hours? How did they succeed in kidnapping soldiers, young people, older people and even children without any resistance? The pictures are heartbreaking showing terrorists taking Israelis captive and hearing the testimonies of those who remained. And amazingly, the army was not there.

At this point, over 350 people are dead and over 1800 wounded and numbers continue to rise. And all this happened while Israel suffered a non-stop barrage of rocket attacks starting from 6:30 Shabbat morning, the last day of Succoth. Instead of a day of great rejoicing, terror reigned and the nation was plunged into darkness.

At this point, there are no answers, only questions. It seems almost surrealistic that this incredible attack happened on the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur war which took Israel by surprise and the army was found not ready. How could the same thing happen on that very anniversary day? The army is emerging from the shock and organizing their strategy to hopefully eliminate Hamas once and for all. Reservists have been called up including many of our Messianic young people. There has been a lot of criticism against the government for its lack of vision and strength in the face of this crisis, causing an atmosphere of confusion and lack of confidence. There have been reports that Netanyahu is reaching out to Lapid and Gantz to help form an emergency Unity government.

At last report there were terrorists remaining in certain locations in the south and the area is still not totally free of danger. Although we had a fairly quiet night in terms of missile attacks, we never know when there will be another barrage. The IDF is attacking sites in Gaza and has reportedly cut off electricity and food supplies into the Gaza Strip.

Right now, one of the more pressing issues is getting those who were kidnapped back. No one knows how many exactly were taken, where they are and what will be the demands for their safe return. Of great concern also is that the northern border will stay quiet and Hezbollah will not enter the conflict.

We are grateful for all the prayers that are going on around the world for this situation. Please pray that whatever the enemy meant for harm that God will turn around for the good. The devil may have won a battle but he will not have the final victory! Pray for supernatural deliverance of those kidnapped. Pray that they will see Yeshua and his angels surrounding them and protecting them. Pray for the relatives of those killed and kidnapped that they will feel the comfort and assurance of the God of Israel. Pray against the spirit of fear that has enveloped the country. Those who survived the terror attacks are traumatized by the events that took place and still many families do not know where their loved ones are and if they are alive or dead. Please also pray that there will not be any attacks from the northern border.

It seems clear in the spirit that the long months of severe division in the political arena which caused great turmoil and even greater division among the people and the increase of violence that this country was experiencing, left a wide door open for the enemy to attack. This was no ordinary event. And there are no “natural” answers. Every news report has said that this attack has taken us to a place this nation has never been in previously. Israel has been changed. Wherever the people used to look for strength and protection in the natural was not there and most of all, incredibly, the great Israeli army was not there to protect its people.

The word from the government is that difficult days lie before us. This is going to be a long battle. It seems likely that the army will invade Gaza which means hand to hand combat and casualties. Hearts are hurting, there is distrust, fear and insecurity. We pray that in this time, the nation will experience instead the truth that the God of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps and that He will indeed rise up and scatter His enemies. May these hearts that are empty be filled with the Holy Spirit and His truth. May we see a revival the likes of which have never appeared on this earth before. This is the day. God loves His precious nation and His people.

Again, I thank you personally for your love and concern and hearts to stand with us in this hour. As the darkness increases, His light will shine ever brighter.

With love from Zion,