Loving our Jewish Brothers & Sisters

Loving our Jewish Brothers & Sisters Aaron Allsbrook

Evangelism is often thought of as simply telling people about Yeshua. It can look similar to a salesman sharing with a potential customer about a product that they’re hoping this person will purchase. The salesman gives a lot of information  with catchy phrases and words while using pre-planned questions, all with the hopes that the listener eventually says,  Yeah,  that sounds good. I’ll take one.” The salesman is thrilled and, if the product is really good, the customer is also happy.

We certainly need to share Yeshua in words. We are commanded to “proclaim the Word! Be ready when it is convenient  or inconvenient” (2 Timothy 4:2). Whether we’re in full-time ministry, whether we call ourselves “evangelists,” in office or  vocation or have such a gift, we are all required to share. And why wouldn’t we?! We have the best news to share!

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