I gotta be me

I gotta be me Aaron Allsbrook

Many people in New York go apple picking in the fall. It is a wonderful time to get outside, get into nature, and enjoy some of the last of the nice weather. People arrive at a farm, get their baskets, and head to the trees to find the best, juiciest apples. Imagine, however, when they…
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Good News for Jews Aaron Allsbrook

Good news has to be good. We’ve all heard of some of these: “I got accepted to college!” “I just got engaged!” “I’m pregnant!” “I got the job!” These are “good news” because they are things we wanted—really, really wanted—and receiving them brought us great joy to receive them. It also brings us joy to…
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On Ordaining Shammashot Aaron Allsbrook

Our congregation’s current policy is to ordain only men to the office of shamash (Hebrew for deacon). It is based upon biblical evidence and longstanding tradition within much of the Body of Messiah. Our elders eventually began to think however, about ordaining shammashot (Hebrew for deaconess). This discussion became one that included the opinion of…
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