Our Redeemer

Our Redeemer Juleon Akana

Yeshua’s preeminent status as the Word of God above and over creation (firstborn) is the missing piece to understanding the New Covenant scriptures against the backdrop of the Tanakh (Old Testament). This vital link shapes our understanding of the Bible and the way we speak about our Lord and Savior. When we share the Good News with others, what is our goal and what is our focus? It is not enough to only think of Messiah as the Passover Lamb, the bread of affliction, the coming King, or the final sacrifice. We were designed with a calling, purpose, and freedom, and a desire to know the first cause of the universe who brought all things into existence.

We must understand that He alone holds all things together “by His powerful word” (Heb 1:3) and that our intention in shepherding the lost is to introduce them to their creator. This, I believe, is crucial when introducing someone to Adonai.  He is uncreated. His plan is to reconcile all of creation to Himself. No part of creation is exempt from Messiah’s rule. All  things belong to Him, and Scripture acknowledges Messiah’s authority to reign over the Father’s Kingdom. In the words of Abraham Kuyper, “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which [Messiah], who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!

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