Ani Mitkaven (I Really Mean It)

Ani Mitkaven (I Really Mean It) Rabbi Michael Weiner

Rabbi Trail The 10th of Tevet is the date of the Fast of Tevet. It is called in Scripture the Fast of the Tenth Month. What’s all this about? Let me explain. First, it is a minor fast, (Only from sun up to sundown. Major fasts are from sundown to sundown.) and it is mentioned…
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Get in the Word Daily Richard Cleary

As we complete this year’s reading cycle and begin a new one – here is a gentle but clear challenge, just because I love you. Ready? Here it is: Get in the Word – daily. Not just a few times a week–but daily. Not just when you feel like it–but daily. Not just when you…
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On Jewish Evangelism – Part 2 Rabbi Michael Weiner

I had not originally intended to extend yesterday’s piece on Jewish evangelism, but now I am. (I told my family once, “I’m old and I can do what I want to.”) I have something more for tomorrow as well. Several of you shared your thoughts on the previous post. I’m glad you’re reading and hope…
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