What if Luke 4:18 was Really the Priority of the Church?

What if Luke 4:18 was Really the Priority of the Church? Daniel Juster

Imagine the Gospel Story if it read like this … Yeshua called together His twelve disciples and brought them with him for a special retreat in the Galilee. The trauma of the Roman occupation in the first-century was difficult for all of God’s people and the hard dealings with zealot  terrorists was such that Messiah’s…
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Rediscovering the Depths of the Gospel of the Kingdom Richard Cleary

Now, more than ever, we need to rediscover the depths of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. It will be worth it, leading to a deeper intimacy with God and the transformation of our lives. Such intimacy produces more of Yeshua’s kingdom ministry within our midst, and healthier and more fruitful relational congregations that…
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On Jewish Evangelism Rabbi Michael Weiner

Jewish people need Yeshua! Why is that statement so hard to understand? Yeshua said as much. We can learn much from the episode of the Canaanite woman who came to Yeshua seeking healing for her daughter, who was “severely tormented by a demon.” In the middle of their discussion, Yeshua makes this statement … Matthew…
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