Listening to the Holy Spirit

Listening to the Holy Spirit Juleon Akana

In Luke’s gospel, we read about Yeshua sending us what our Father promised, the Ruach HaKodesh. He exhorted the emissaries to wait in Yerushalayim until they were clothed with the Spirit’s power. In fact, it was to our advantage that He left, for if He did not go away, the Helper would not be sent…
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Passion for the Promise Benjamin Juster

FRESH PURSUIT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Suddenly! Suddenly, the atmosphere of the room changed. A divine energy infiltrated the quiet, causing skin to tingle, hair to stand erect, and the surprising sound of wind to whip through the room. The description of “tongues of fire” alighting upon the heads of the waiting disciples speaks to…
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We Gotta Get Shabbat Right! The Fourth Commandment, part IV Rabbi Michael Weiner

I prayed long and hard about this piece today. After much prayer, (and as you can see from the above subject line) I decided to write one last piece on the Fourth Commandment, to both remember and keep the Shabbat holy. The Hebrew word Kadosh is translated as ‘holy’. But we have a hard time…
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