Passion for the Promise

Passion for the Promise Benjamin Juster


Suddenly! Suddenly, the atmosphere of the room changed. A divine energy infiltrated the quiet, causing skin to tingle, hair to stand erect, and the surprising sound of wind to whip through the room. The description of “tongues of fire” alighting upon the heads of the waiting disciples speaks to the vibrant and visible effect of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit). This was not just an experience, but a transformative moment. The disciples received fresh boldness and manifest power to proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel.

The world is forever changed because of that first outpouring.

Depending on the method of Counting of the Omer, the 5th of the Hebrew month of Sivan kicks off the festival of Shavu’ot. It is the final spring feast and connects to the end of the wheat harvest. Other than standard festival offerings, a special firstfruits wave offering, and the commandment to host a sanctified gathering for the people, the Scriptures do not delineate how to observe this festival. It lacks many prescribed objects or symbols (e.g., Pesach has the matzah, the lamb, bitter herbs; Feast of Trumpets has the shofar).

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