Jewish Evangelism in Isaiah 56

Jewish Evangelism in Isaiah 56 Rabbi Michael Weiner

I’m looking for Scriptures to encourage us in Jewish evangelism. Specifically, I’m looking in Isaiah, but in a random (rather than systematic) way. I forget now what led me to Isaiah, chapter 56. It could have been a commentary I read recently. Isaiah 56:1 Thus says Adonai: “Preserve justice, do righteousness. For My salvation is…
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Jewish Evangelism – The Great Ingathering Michael Weiner

My last post was titled “The Great Separation.” Today’s post could be called “The Great Un-separation.” (I love it when I get to make up words.) However; a better name would be “The Great Ingathering.” There was a great separation in Jerusalem that excluded everyone, Jewish and non-Jewish people. Every day, every person was excluded…
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