For Everything there is a Season

For Everything there is a Season Stewart Lieberman

What an incredibly fast-paced year 2023 has been! Both personally and in ministry this has been a year  of transition, re-alignment, breakthrough, and war. As I write this, Israel has been in an existential conflict with Hamas and  other terrorist groups that was launched on October 7th, being marked by the brutal and evil attack…
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Jewish Evangelism – Isaiah And Joshua Meet Yeshua Rabbi Michael Weiner

Let’s Start With Isaiah I woke this morning with the Jewish prophet, Isaiah, on my mind. When we share Scripture with Jewish people, we have to use the Hebrew Scriptures. After all, that’s what Yeshua and the Apostles used. Everyone knows the Messianic prophesies of Isaiah 53, but the whole book is Messianic (for that…
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