I gotta be me

I gotta be me Aaron Allsbrook

Many people in New York go apple picking in the fall. It is a wonderful time to get outside, get into nature, and enjoy some of the last of the nice weather. People arrive at a farm, get their baskets, and head to the trees to find the best, juiciest apples. Imagine, however, when they…
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Happy New Year Jackie Santoro

The summer season is over and the kids are back in school. Happily, the familiar rhythm of life has once again returned following the two-year pandemic hiatus. Now it’s hard for the younger ones to remember that there was a moment in time when they actually had to wear masks in school! Here in Israel,…
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Rebuilding Love and Unity in the Church – Part 1 Grant Berry

Build up, Build up, Prepare the road! Remove the Obstacles Out of the Way of my People.  (Isaiah‬ 57:14) For many years I have lead ministerially in our calling, specifically to both a Reconnection and our Alignment as part of the One New Man (TONM) in Yeshua our Messiah. As I wrote in my previous…
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Messianic Judaism – Is That Something New? Rabbi Michael Weiner

Let me answer the question. By that name and by some standards, yes, Messianic Jewish communities of the modern era began only about 50 years ago. That would be new by most standards. Before the term “Messianic Jewish” became popular, the term “Hebrew Christian” was used. The term “Christian” itself wasn’t used until Acts 11:26.…
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