I gotta be me

I gotta be me Aaron Allsbrook

Many people in New York go apple picking in the fall. It is a wonderful time to get outside, get into nature, and enjoy some of the last of the nice weather. People arrive at a farm, get their baskets, and head to the trees to find the best, juiciest apples. Imagine, however, when they got there, that all they found were oranges.

The farmers keep telling them that these trees indeed were apple trees, but the once-excited-now-perplexed visitors  don’t see any evidence of these trees being anything but orange trees.

You could imagine how disappointed and upset these New Yorkers would be. I don’t imagine they would be coming back next year nor give a flattering review on Yelp.

We aren’t much different from trees. If we say we’re pomegranate trees, that’s what we should find on our branches. If we say we’re banana trees, there should be a cluster of bananas hanging off of us. Authenticity is a huge testimony to the  power of Yeshua, as He is the one who “renews us in knowledge after the image of our Creator” (see Colossians 3:10).

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