What Kind of People Are You To Be?

What Kind of People Are You To Be? Benjamin Juster

Yeshua is coming soon! Do not lose the longing for His return. In my travels, I’ve recognized a growing doubt and confusion about the literal return of Yeshua to Jerusalem to set up His Kingdom on earth. Though there is a residual hope,  the assurance of Yeshua’s return has waned. Because there is not a sense of the imminence of Yeshua’s arrival, a lack of  urgency has crept into the Body. In turn, the passion for holiness and distinctness in the world has declined.

First of all, understand that in the last days, scoffers will come scoffing, following after their own desires and saying,  Where is this promise of His coming? Ever since the fathers died, everything goes on just as it has from the beginning of creation” (2 Peter 3:3,4, TLV).

I’m inspired by the times we are living in. We are now in what many perceive are the final stages of world redemption which will culminate with God’s “restoration of all things” (Acts 3:21) in the earth. It is as if we are all together on a giant  rocket ship headed toward the ultimate destination of human history—the final stage of the rocket has now ignited with  the force needed to propel us there.

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