The Beautiful Fruit of Clinging to Him – Part Two

The Beautiful Fruit of Clinging to Him – Part Two Maggie Kimball

In last month’s article, I shared not only about the negative fruit which comes about from making poor decisions, resulting in brokenheartedness, bitterness, jealousy and feelings of abandonment, rejection and loneliness, but also  what happens when we fully surrender to Yeshua. In everything, in coming out of my brokenness and pain, I had to  CLING to and surrender to our Bridegroom and in everything learn to rely on Him. Instead of the fruit of brokenness, in  Yeshua I inherited (even during times of trial) the fruit of greater faith, perseverance, and greater intimacy with Him,  from a heart fully surrendered to reflect His glory!

When circumstances seemed that they would overwhelm and the enemy would whisper in my ears and taunt, or when I  felt I had nowhere else to turn — Yeshua was always beckoning, “Cry out to Me!” Wow. He absolutely delights in  running to us when we cry out in desperation to Him.

Read the full article here: February ’23 Issue 18