Times of Need

Times of Need Mark Rantz

Times of Need! If a phrase could sum up our human experience over the past few years, this very well might be it. From the ravages of COVID to unrest in the streets and the recent horrors in Afghanistan – our days as “times of need” may be an accurate assessment of life today, … but is there hope?

As a Messianic Rabbi, I have seen the effects of such pain and sorrow firsthand, where even today I received a phone  call that we lost a member of our community to the Coronavirus only days after the funeral of a friend who had  contracted this terrible virus and died in only a matter of days.

It is during times like these that humanity needs more than ever a rock and mighty fortress to take hold, and a shelter  secure as the storm passes.

When trials come and storms rage, it is Yeshua alone that has the strength to keep us safe and protected from harm.  Where He caused the wind and waves to silence for His disciples (Mark 4:35-41), Yeshua is able today to declare“peace be still” over every one of our circumstances.

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