We Have a Destiny – Reconnection and Alignment in the One New Man

We Have a Destiny – Reconnection and Alignment in the One New Man Grant Berry

I am an English Jew born in London, England, and I was born again in New York City in 1985. Without going into too much detail now … yet when I came to know Yeshua, it occurred as I was on my bedroom floor and cried out to God in repentance of my sins. At that moment, a peace like an overflowing springtime river washed through my body and soul, rebirthing my spirit and cast out the demons that were within me.

At that time, I didn’t even know what a demon was, but a freedom came into my spirit that day which has never left me. For the first time in my life, I met the God of Abraham for myself and felt the fullness of His love.

Truly, I became a Jew born anew!

On February 3rd, 1985, my spiritual journey began and was marked by a pursuit of thankfulness to our Master, King Yeshua, who had set me free. My life had been ransomed, bought with a price, and on that day the focus of my life changed, where I no longer wanted to serve myself, and instead desired to serve God and bring Him Glory.

Of my spiritual journey, you can read more in my first book, “The New Covenant Prophecy,” which with my story, sets a foundation for helping Jewish people understand the Gospel from a Jewish perspective, and assists Christians in understanding many of the obstacles which Jews people face before we even get close to considering Yeshua as the Messiah.

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