You are Not Alone!

You are Not Alone! James Kearney

A prayer for Israel

What is going on with the current war between Israel and Hamas? Why does this vicious struggle generate chaos and strife worldwide? How can we as members of the body of Yeshua, both Jew and Gentile, not only better understand the  roots of this battle but also join in prayer to partner with Adonai to bring His Kingdom of Shalom (peace) through these battles?

The root of this ongoing battle is not physical but spiritual. Behind the current battle between Israel and Hamas is the  conflict between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. I am not saying that Israelis are all on the side of God and  the Palestinians on the side of Satan. Remember when Joshua met the angel the night before the battle of Jericho? Joshua  asked the angel, “Are you on our side or their side?” To this the angel replied, “Neither. I am on the Lord’s side.”

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