An Historic Moment!

An Historic Moment! Jackie Santoro

It is a time like none other. Saturday night the whole nation was riveted to the news as word came that for the first time in history, Iran was targeting Israeli soil with over 300 missiles and rockets.

Iran had been threatening for weeks that an attack was coming and tensions increased with each passing day. On Friday, the White House announced that they had information it would be happening very soon and the Israeli government braced itself for the attack. The army went on the highest alert and PM Netanyahu went underground into a secure bunker with his war cabinet. The Air Force readied its planes as plans were put into place to defend this Land. The Home Front Command cancelled all public activities, airlines cancelled flights and the Israeli airspace was closed off. We were as ready as we could be.

At about 10:30 pm Saturday night, the news reported that the missiles, drones and rockets had been released from Iran and in a few hours would reach Israel. By the grace of God, I stayed in His peace as I calmly prepared my “safe room” in case I had to sleep there. Throughout the night, I was glued to the TV, watching the events unfold. I appreciated what an incredibly historic moment this was and although I was not afraid, it was a bit unnerving to be facing this alone in my house! It was almost surreal to just sit and wait to be attacked! The IDF assured the Israeli public that they knew exactly what was coming and were able to take care of the threat. I believed that to be true and was comforted. God loves Israel. We are the apple of His eye. His hand was on us and His angels would be helping us to victory!

I never had to enter my safe room and watched on TV as the rockets came streaming across the night sky and were intercepted by our defense systems. At 4 am, the announcement came that 99% of the missiles, rockets and drones had been effectively eliminated before even getting into Israeli airspace! There were sirens over Jerusalem and some other parts of the country but no direct hits, except for one rocket hitting a military base but the damage was minor. The Israeli Air Force did not face this alone but were helped by a coaltion of countries including Jordan, whose planes flew alongside ours. I breathed a deep sigh of relief and finally went to bed. It was over.

The next day, life returned to normal. Iran said they had accomplished what they intended to do. Now the question is will Israel retaliate and if so, what will it be. At the time of this writing, no decision has been made public. The situation is very complex and the stakes very high.

Please pray for the government that they would stand strong and united and politics would not affect this strategic and momentous decision. Heaven is speaking. May they hear!

Pray for PM Netanyahu. He had surgery several weeks ago and because of the highly volatile situation, he never seemed to take a day to recover. He faces incredible attacks against his leadership from every corner of the world and especially from President Biden most recently. There is also significant division within the country as the war in Gaza continues and they can’t seem to draw any closer to an agreement with Hamas to release the hostages. Hope grows dim that many are still left alive. He faces pressure that seems more than a human can endure and it shows on his face.

Please pray for supernatural grace and strength, not only for him but for all those in government especially those involved in war decisions. Pray against the spirit of division that grips this country. Pray deliverance for the hostages that we would yet see them released and Sinwar and his cohorts destroyed!

Pray for a clear decision on the proposed entry into Rafah which Israel deems absolutely necessary and the whole world opposes.

The first night of Passover is April 22 and Passover preparations are in full swing but sadly it’s under this dark cloud of war and grief. This time of remembering the exodus from Egypt and God’s mighty hand of deliverance is one of Israel’s biggest and most joyous holiday times with families coming together to celebrate with the special meal called the “seder”. This year, too many tables will be missing someone who either is a hostage or who fell in combat in this battle that has been going on for six months.

Closely following Passover is Israel’s Remembrance Day when we honor those killed in the Holocaust. This is followed a week later by Memorial Day when we remember those soldiers who have given their lives in wars throughout our history and those who have died in terror attacks. After that day, we go from mourning to joy as we celebrate Independence Day. This year, each of these days take on a special meaning in view of all that we have been experiencing as a nation in this end time battle against evil and it’s plan to destroy this nation.

Aliyah Day is April 18th in which we recognize Israel as our God given Jewish homeland and all those who have heeded His word and have been gathered from the four corners of the earth. In this day of rising anti-Semitism, may our Jewish family in the Diaspora listen and come home! No matter how difficult our situation is, there is no other place to live. We have no other country and by God’s incredible grace, it is a most blessed and wonderful place.

Thank you for all your uncompromising support in these critical and awesome days. Six months of this war feels like a lifetime but it is still just the beginning of birth pains and all that God desires to accomplish. There is so much more to do! We will yet see God’s hand of victory and the forces of Islamic Jihad destroyed. And when that happens, we believe a great opening to the gospel will come like a flood.

May this be a season of deliverance and blessing for each one of you as we also remember our spiritual deliverance with the death of our Messiah Yeshua on Passover and His resurrection three days later on the Feast of First Fruits. His blood is on the doorposts of our heart and we are saved!

With love from Zion,