Authentic Friendship, You First

Authentic Friendship, You First Ben Juster

Much of our experience of Biblical community rests on the quality of our relationships. Many abandon community life not for lack of love for God, but because of the poor nature of or lack of relationships with others. Yet, relationships are supposed to be at the core of what makes fellowship with Messiah fulfilling and joyful.

When interacting with His band of disciples, Yeshua didn’t just preach at them. He walked with them, shared meals with them, prayed with them, and even shared his vulnerability with them during His greatest turmoil (Matthew 26:38).

I enjoy the depiction in the recent TheChosen series where Yeshua is portrayed both joking with His friends and displaying moments of frailty in His humanity. In large part, the health of our relationships with others is also a reflection of our intimacy with the Father.

Perhaps you feel that you have been overlooked within your community. Personally, I have very few friends that take the initiative in reaching out to me.

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