Free Time – Making use of Unscheduled Times

Free Time – Making use of Unscheduled Times Ben Juster

It has been said that the Kingdom of God expands fastest in evenings and weekends. Why is this so?

For most of us, we spend the majority of our workday time “on task.” Rightly so. The focus is doing the best that we can to satisfy the needs of the organization or clients.

Though diligence, excellence, integrity, and service in the workplace can be a powerful witness of our life in Yeshua, that alone will not build the Kingdom.

In my many years of leading small groups and in congregational eldership,  I’ve observed that how the members view and manage their free time is crucial to a healthy community. There is simply no shortcut to growing in community than that which you dedicate your “free time” to build.

I’ve often said, “But this is my ‘free time’ when I need to recharge and have it all to myself.” This mindset requires an adjustment. Just as tithing is just giving a small percentage back of everything that already belongs to the Lord, all of my time also belongs to the Lord.

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