Messiah’s Mutual Mandate – Part 1

Messiah’s Mutual Mandate – Part 1 Jack Jacobs

In the last forty years that my wife, Kate, and I have been blessed to serve in the same Messianic congregation (Beth Am Messiah) in New City, NY. Much has changed locally and in other parts of the country regarding our relationship with the Church. Reflecting on the history of Messianic believers reveals a nearly 1,800 years absence of a strong Jewish presence in the Body of Messiah.

This timeline closely parallels the Jewish people being without their homeland, Israel. Understandably, our reemerging modern Messianic movement has experienced the growing pains of numerous issues related to our Jewish identity as believers in Messiah Yeshua, including how to relate with the Gentile, Christian Church. Back in the 1970’s and 80’s, we were a pioneering spiritual work-in-progress; finding our way back to where we left off so many centuries before.

Wow, what an amazing journey of God’s great love, grace, mercy, faithfulness and patience helping us grasp and move forward to where we are now in our calling as Messianic believers!

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