Overcoming Information Intoxication

Overcoming Information Intoxication Benjamin Juster

You will not grow by reading this magazine.

What? Stay with me.

A year or so ago, God put it on my heart to launch a magazine that would represent the unique combination of values and Kingdom principles we aim to reproduce within our Tikkun America family of congregations and ministries.

When I shared the vision with the leadership team, there was great enthusiasm. Yet, the danger is that the magazine would become just added noise in the midst of so many quality publications that are already available.

In that regard, we believe God inspired us to sharpen the vision for the magazine to focus on equipping.

The goal is to provide you with concepts to apply to your life, within your family, your community, your school, or within your workplace. Authors are being encouraged to hone in on areas of practical growth.

But you won’t grow by reading the magazine.

Read the full article here: November ’21 Issue 3