Contending for a Restorationist Messianic Judaism

Contending for a Restorationist Messianic Judaism Dan Juster

The phrase “Restorationist Messianic Judaism” is a moniker for our distinct biblical convictions. When we say “Messianic Judaism” we communicate an alignment with the mainstream of the Messianic Jewish movement world-wide, with a history which extends back to the fathers of our movement in the early 1970’s. The mainstream conviction for this movement even then…
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I gotta be me Aaron Allsbrook

Many people in New York go apple picking in the fall. It is a wonderful time to get outside, get into nature, and enjoy some of the last of the nice weather. People arrive at a farm, get their baskets, and head to the trees to find the best, juiciest apples. Imagine, however, when they…
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The Power of Blessing – Part 2 Ben Juster

In the last article, I expressed how blessing is God’s primary mechanism of imparting to a person His image (thoughts, feelings, and purpose) of identity (Who am I?) and destiny (Why am I here?). One’s vision for life, physical and emotional health, financial prosperity, and family relational dynamics are all directly linked to images of…
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